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We take a shallow dive into deep topics.

July 30th, 2019    

Baptism Mulligans and Yeti Cannons

111 Baptismal Mulligans and Yeti Cannons

We take a shallow dive into deep topics. The guys are back! This week they discuss the shelf life of Baptisms, what they would do if they were the last people on Earth, and does George really need a Yeti Cannon? Find out on this episode of The ShufflePod!

April 23rd, 2019    

Alternate Reality and Coochy Spray

We are back and going at it strong!!! This week we take a shallow dive into a deep topic. Woody tells a tale of a friend who sees things a bit different than we do. And DJ tells all about possibly the world’s best  video on the internet. All this and more on this episode of the Shufflepod!!!!

December 16th, 2018    

VR2 and Gorn Hub!!!

This week we continue our talk on virtual reality, As a word of warning we kind of jumped off track a bit and my not of answered all our questions but rest assured we got some new topics out of this!!! Thanks to Geoff and Woody for humoring me (George) in running with this topic it was a blast to do and one of our favorites!!

December 2nd, 2018    

Bad Ass Angels and Sad Dragons

Bad Ass Angels and Sad ass Dragons

We take a shallow dive into deep topics. This week the guys talk Virtual reality and what our Avatars would be. Join us as we weave in and out of reality and a virtual reality. Also this turned into a 2 part episode…. Be a part of Shufflepod HISTORY!!!!

November 25th, 2018    

Spilled Milk and the Whale

This week Woody, Geoff and George run the gamut from spilled milk to haunted houses. Woody talks or tries to talk about his virus that he can’t shake, Geoff talks about dating in his 40’s and George just giggles…

November 18th, 2018    

Mother Nature Skeets on America

Woody had to work so Justin joins Geoff and George for the show. This week the boys humor George as he asks Justin about how he thinks our culture will end. Will it be zombies? Will it be nukes or will it be a natural event? Find out on this weeks episode of The Shufflepod!!!!

November 11th, 2018    

Sports betting and Batmans DONG!!!

The title says it all. This week we talk about sports betting and all things comic universe!!!! We are so damn pumped to have Justin join us this week as he is a vast canyon of knowledge when it comes to comic books, movies and all things in the superhero universe!!!

November 4th, 2018    

Thrill Seeking and Flaming bumpers

We take a shallow dive into deep topics. This week Geoff is away and Justin sits in to discuss thrill seeking they have done in the past. Woody sky-dived, Justin ran himself over, and George has baby hands. Find out who is the master thrill seeker in this episode of The Shufflepod.

October 28th, 2018    

Ginger Pear Cheescake and Candy Corn

This week Woody is out so Geoff and George tackle a user submitted show topic…. Thanks to super fan Craig “big worm” Welch he gave us the topic of trick or treat candy and how tastes change from being a kid to an adult. Do the guys still hate candy corn? What is the best candy to get in your bag and finally what the hell is Ginger Pear Cheesecake? Find out this and a whole bunch more on this weeks episode of The Shufflepod.

October 21st, 2018    

Bad Neighbors and Bread Eggs

This week the guys discuss Geoff’s bad neighbors and their favorite breakfast food of their childhood and of today. Also at the end of the episode there is a tasty bet between George and Geoff. Find out what’s at stake on this weeks episode of The Shufflepod!!!!

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